The “Travel to Learn in the City”
An Experimental Visual Arts Education Scheme 2010
城市遊學 ─ 視藝教育實驗計劃2010

The theme of “Travel to Learn in the City” and the goal of the project were to introduce worldwide contemporary art visions to local educators, and to bring them lively experience by emerging into the local art scene practically. The key visual design was integrated both “city” and “worldwide” into a “little planet”, with a strong taste of fresh student style - hand drawings by colored pencils. And for the conclusive publications, the book covers were designed with an idea of “a transformed baggage”, which was carried out by thick and raw wrapping paper with additional stickers, to present the concept of “traveling” and “collecting memories”.

. Jan 2010 to July 2011

Curators: TSE Yin Mo and CHUI Heung Lan
Funded by: QEF
Partner:1a Space
TLC is awarded the Silver Prize in Award for Arts Education of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards
2011, offered by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Programme Planning for:
- Research
- Lecture Series
- Art Tours
- Artist in Residency School Workshops
- Student Work Exhibitions
- Publications
- Web-based Learning Platform

Design Production of:
- Teacher’s Handbook
- Invitation Cards / Posters / Leaflets
- Banners
- Folders
- Exhibition Installation
- Conclusive Publications


Invitation Card                                                    Teacher’s Handbook
Size: A6                                                             Size: A5