Beijing Design Week and First Beijing International Design Triennial
Sub-theme Exhibition “Rethinking Bamboo”


Rethinking Bamboo” is a projcet of collaborative research for the culture of bamboo design.

Over 200 precious pieces of bamboo design works, images and installations from 66 designers and participating organizations from 20 districts in 11 countries across Asia, Europe and the United States of America were exhibited, including Hong Kong, Mainland China (Sichuan, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Guangdong, Shanghai), Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka), Thailand, Indonesia, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, US (New York, Kentucky), England (London).

The exhibition featured a worldwide research and study on bamboo and the most advanced-thinking bamboo design, showcased works from all over the world under five themes:
1. Metaphor – Bamboo of Culture
2. Craftsmanship – Bamboo of Handicraft
3. Utensils – Bamboo of Daily Use
4. Space – Bamboo of Architecture
5. Rethinking – Bamboo of Creativity


Curatorial and Planning Team
International Curator : Freeman LAU
Beijing Curator : HANG Jian

Research Fellow / Planner: TSE Yin Mo
Exhibition Designer: Vinci FUNG

Presented by: Cultural Bureau of China
Organized by: Tsing-hua University, Beijing

Planning and Co-ordination for

- Research
- Invitation of designers from worldwide
- Exhibition design and production
- Logistic & legal assurance for the borrowed exhibits
- Archive and documentation