Public Creatives Scheme
Consultancy study for West Kowloon Cultural District
conceptual plan for Rocco Design Architects Ltd

Public Creatives is a new public art concept inspired by the theme of the master plan of WKCD , namely ‘network of culture’ (文化經脈), which embraces almost every visible and invisible entities of culture in the 21st century. It focuses on and examines the idea of ‘sustainable vitality’, in response to key concepts of cultural development, green ideas and technology. As the District is composed of cultural facilities, commercial centre, residential areas and recreational space, it is necessary to build a visionary concept of public art to face with these challenges; we need a new working model to expand the generally accepted form of public art such as sculpture, landscape design, to other functional, designable items. Thus, Public Creatives means designed items appearing in public space.


Feb to May 2010

Client: HK Development Bureau / Rocco Design Architects Ltd.
Partner: Kan & Lau Design Consultants

Research and Proposal Report

Design Planning for
-Public furniture
-Public signage
-Display window
-Public facilities, such as sanitary system, lamppost.
-Traffic signs
-Information system…etc.