“Chinabear and Chinaman” 「熊人」
a Lam Hiu Tung’s Solo Exhibition 1a Space, the Cattle Depot Artist Village

Curator / Artist: LAM Hiu Tung
Co-curator: TSE Yin Mo
March 2009 Curator

Programme Planning for
- Public Selling at the Lunar New Year Flower Market of Victoria Park
- Exhibitions
- Artist Talk
- Design Competition / Prize Presentation Ceremony

Design and Production of
- Artworks (The Helium Balloons)
- By-products (T-shirts / Tags / Tote Bags / Postcards) derived from the artistic idea
  and artwork
- Invitation Card
- Banners / Standing Signage Board
- Exhibition Installation
- Postcards of the selected entries from the Design Competition

Design Ideas

everyone has / has had / has to have one
you must hold it very carefully
or it will slip away through your fingers forever
once you are unguarded

it might be weightless
but it supports your existence
and lets you not be alone

i dream therefore i am

So, keep you a tangible dream
and take it with you


Chinabear and Chinaman

Venue: 1a Space, the Cattle Depot Artist Village
13 Mar to 26 Apr 2009


dotdotdot @ InnoCentre Multi-round Exhibition

Venue: Piont to Life Design Bookstore
2 Feb - 3 May 2013



Embrace our Culture . Empower our Future
- The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 50 th Anniversary Alumni Art Exhibiton

Venue: Central Library
21-26 Nov 2013





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