Rethinking Bamboo
Aspects of Contemporary Design

(A worldwide research in bamboo culture, collaboration with pioneer designers from 20 regions in 11 countries, more than 200 bamboo design works were featured and exhibited in The First Beijing International Triennial)

It is a conclusion of the continuous research on contemporary bamboo design and bamboo culture after “Rethinking Bamboo” exhibition project.

Author: LAU Siu Hong Freeman

Asian Art Museum, Markus HEINSDORFF, Toshiyuki KITA,
Pablo van der LUGT, NGUYUEN Thi Huong, Sandeep SANGARU,
TSE Yin Mo, WANG Wen-hsiung

Research Fellow /
Planning Editor:
TSE Yin Mo
Research Partner: D’ART Research Unit
Production: Kan & Lau Design Consultants
Publisher: Asia One Books
ISBN: 978-988-15316-9-8
Language: English

Launched in Dec 2013, International Distribution