Awards / Grants obtained:

  1. D’ART Research Unit is awarded the Incubatee grant of Design Incubation Programme
    (Funded by Hong Kong Design Centre, Nov 2012 to Oct 2014)

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  2. “Rethinking Bamboo – One of the invited sub-theme exhibition of the First Beijing Design Triennial”
    「知竹─ 首屆北京國際設計三年展分主題展」 was awarded the Best Exhibition of the First Beijing Design Triennial,
    Which was presented by Cultural Bureau of China, National Museum of China, Beijing (Sep to Oct 2011)

  3. Travel to Learn in the City – an experimental visual arts education scheme 2010
    「城市遊學」藝術教育計劃 2010
     (Funded by Quality Education Fund, it is awarded the Silver Prize in Award for Arts Education of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2011, presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council)

  4. Scaffolding. Viewing. Assembling – Cultural Observations on Bamboo Scaffolding, Chinese Opera and Markets
    《棚‧觀‧集 ─ 關於竹棚、戲曲及市集文化的探索》
    (Publication grant by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2010)

  5. “Why Alternative Art Space? - A Turning Point and Mile Stone (Case Sharing from Mainland China / HK / Taiwan)”
    「另類藝術空間的存在價值與轉捩點 (中/港/台/案例分享)」
    (Conference grant by Taipei Cultural Department, Nov 2009

  6. 3 Cities: A Study of Hong Kong Alternative Art Community (Parallel with Beijing and Singapore)
    《三城:另類藝術社群 叙事當代藝術(香港/北京/新加坡)》
    (Publication grant by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2008)