Who we are?

D’ART is a compound noun borrowed from French words: “De” and “Art”. “De” in French often means “of” or “from”. Thus the word D’ART implies that something / somebody “of” or “from” Art.

D’ART Research Unit, a registered commercial firm in Hong Kong, works on providing professional services on arts & culture consultancy and production of high quality and innovative design products. D’ART Research Unit is also an independent cultural organization based in Hong Kong, aiming at promoting the discourse on authentic culture, contemporary art & design through conducting cultural researches, publishing reference materials, organizing seminars and workshops, as well as coordinating various educational activities and art exhibitions. It is going to be integrated as D’ART CONSULTANCY LIMITED in 2014.

“Design in Context, Branding Hong Kong Culture!”

We are working on Culture, Art & Design:

Programme Planning,
Design & Production,

& related Professional Services



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